Actionable metrics for profitable trades & investments

Actionable metrics for profitable day & swing trading

Don't get trapped in technical paralysis.

Our reports cover over 10000 stocks from the major North American Stock Exchanges

Why Stocktreats?

Traditional technical analysis may be ambiguous. Traders often come to very different conclusions about the same stock by using different indicators. It doesn't have to be insane. We believe that the best trading metrics are the ones that are devoid of wizardry, zig-zags and formulas that confuse everyone, except their creators.

“I've made like 30% in the last few months just using the media coverages list.”

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The spikes screener

Better understand price actions

Price actions are at the core of our data-driven research and reports. We develop specialized and advanced stock screeners to make the subject of stock analysis simple yet comprehensive and enjoyable. We use innovative technologies to achieve the results you desire and our proprietary algorithms classify stocks with incredible accuracy.

Valuable metrics for day and swing trading

Lot of features to optimize the time you spend researching stocks.

We aim at providing stock trading metrics and insights for beginners or experienced traders and investors. Our goal is to keep it simple but comprehensive.


The Spikes scanner detects large upward movement of price and volume in a single day or a short period of time.


The Sideways scanner monitors horizontal price movements between levels of support and resistance.



Special screener for stocks that moved outside their sideways zone, breaking resistance or support

Dips And Crashes

Monitor stocks that have declined in price in a period or a single day, and take advantage of eventual upswing.


Monitor bullish & bearish reversals. This feature is geared more toward low price stocks and day/swing trading strategies.

Moving Average Crossovers

Discover stocks that have just broken their Moving Average (MA) in the previous session.

Performance Tracker

Track gainers and losers over time. Discover growing stocks you've probably never heard of.

Health Checker

The Health Checker reports the percentage of upward vs. downward movements giving a timeframe.

New Highs/Lows Momentums

The Momentums scanner reports new highs, intraday highs, news lows and intraday lows.

Candlesticks Patterns

Screener for various bullish and bearish candlesticks patterns (Engulfing, Piercing, Harami, etc.).

News Catalysts

We aggregate and classify news headlines to keep you informed of eventual catalysts.

Media Coverage

We provide daily, bi-weekly and monthly media coverages to allow you to identify stocks that are trending in the news.

Earnings Calendar

Earnings Calendar is a useful tool to track upcoming financial results, in order to conduct trade planning.

Volatility Ranker

The Volatility Ranker, helps you identify volatility gainers/losers. Volatility are based on peaks and valleys of close prices

Actionable insights for day and swing trading

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Take control over the vast universe of US and Canadian stocks. Our reports cover the major North American stock exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, TSX, TSXV, CSE)

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