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Our goal is to keep it simple and comprehensive to optimize the time you spend researching stocks (seriously, we want you to). Take a look at the features to find out how they might fit into your trading style and strategy.


The Spikes scanner detects large upward movement of price and volume in a single day or a short period of time. A spike is reported if the price of a stock has fallen over 20% after the day it spiked.


The Sideways scanner monitors horizontal price movements between levels of support and resistance. Traders can profit from sideways trends by looking for confirmations of a breakout.



A Breakout (or Breakdown) occurs when the price of a stock moves above the resistance, or below the support defined in the Sideways scanner. Breakouts are based on end-of-day data.

Dips And Crashes

The Dips And Crashes scanner monitors stocks that have declined in price in a period or a single day. Some traders and investors view dips and crashes as an opportunity to buy stocks to profit from potential future price rises.


This feature is geared more toward low price stocks and day/swing trading strategies. It detects the first UP/DROP/GREEN/RED day after a certain trend period (3 to 10 consecutive days). It's a valuable tool for first green day pattern strategy

Moving Average Crossovers

The MA Crossovers scanner reports stocks whose price has crossed their Simple Moving Average (SMA) in their last trading session. MA Crossovers are based on end-of-day data.

Performance Tracker

The Performance Tracker reports weekly/monthly/yearly gainers and losers. You can leverage this powerful tool to track historical stock gainers and losers and discover growing (or failing) stocks you've probably never heard of.

Health Checker

The Health Checker reports the percentage of upward movements vs. downward movements giving a timeframe. It also monitors the percentage of green days vs. red days

New Highs/Lows Momentums

The Momentums scanner reports new highs, intraday highs, news lows and intraday lows. These momentums can be viewed for the past 2 weeks, for the past 30 days etc.

Candlesticks Patterns

Candlestick Patterns are part of the trading culture and we provide insights for the most used ones (Engulfing, Piercing, Harami, Hammer, Dark Cloud Cover etc.). Candlestick Patterns are based on end-of-day data.

News Catalysts

We aggregate and classify news headlines to keep you informed of eventual catalysts (acquisition, buyouts, merger, patent, FDA...). Our classified news aggregator is a perfect tool for trading strategies based on news.

Media Coverage

We monitor media coverage and provide daily, bi-weekly and monthly coverages to allow you to identify stocks that are trending/fading in the news.

Earnings Calendar

Earnings Calendar is a useful tool to track upcoming financial results, in order to conduct trade planning.

Volatility Ranker

The Volatility Ranker, based on end-of-day data, helps you identify volatility gainers/losers. You can then scan for trading opportunities using criteria based on price and volatility

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