Our mission is to provide simple, powerful and actionable insights to empower traders and investors. We strive to make the subject of stock analysis simple yet comprehensive. We believe that the best trading strategies and insights are the ones that are devoid of wizardry, zig-zags and formulas that confuse everyone except their creators.

To achieve this, we use innovative tools and technologies to develop specialized stock screeners. Part of our data-driven approach includes automating the process of classifying stocks.

Why Choose Us

Advanced Screeners

Our advanced and flexible screeners give you control over the vast universe of US and Canadian stocks.

News Catalysts

We keep you informed of eventual catalyst headlines (insider trades, acquisition, buyouts...).

Performance Tracker

Our Performance Tracker tool can help you discover growing stocks you've probably never heard of.

Health Checker

Our Health Checker tool provides price movements prediction for a variety of time periods


Our special screener for stocks that have recently spiked provides insights for eventual rebounds.


Our sideways screener detects breakouts. Stocks that break out have the potential to move higher.

Automated Signals

Automated stock trading signals based on crossovers patterns, range limit etc.

Candlesticks Patterns

Quickly identify price movements that will result in reversal or continuation in trend.